Art Lessons and Art Therapy

Art Lessons & Art Therapy


Art lessons are for everyone of any age and ability. No previous experience in art is necessary although I am very happy to help dust off skills gained at school and university or simply to develop a new interest. Often this activity is enjoyable when accompanied by a friend or relative.

Creativity is an important skill gained from an education in art. Observation and self- expression, discovering your identity, learning patience and exploring risk taking are amongst the many skills which can be developed. These traits are useful for adults and in the development of confidence in children.

Art as a therapy is a great way to manage stress. It is a complementary treatment to many of life’s health, physical and behavioural issues. ┬áThe activity of art as a therapy allows time for the mind to process information and rationalise thoughts in a safe and informal setting.

To live a healthy and happy life we all hope to eliminate stresses as far as possible. The simple process of allowing yourself some time to indulge in an enjoyable and creative activity can greatly improve your wellbeing.

If you would like to enquire about lessons, please contact me for availability.