About Bozena



Bozena Pollock’s panoramic landscape paintings, focused on beautiful Guernsey the second largest of the Chanel Islands where she now lives and alternates art career with raising a family.

She has sensual touch and joyously expensive way with colour. The paintings are genuine expressions of flowing, informal, atmospheric colour which carries an almost autonomous abstraction of marks. The paintings celebrate the looming vastness of the sourrounding oceanic environment with its large skies, dramatic sunsets and clear, ever-changing seas.

Trained at Krakow; Chelsea and London Metropolitan University she worked in restoration and conservation activities locating her in serious and professional institutional milieu. Working during her student years at the National Portrait gallery London and Hampton Court Palace, among other places, Pollock developed an important and useful art history awareness as well as an intimacy with the physical nature of old, modern and contemporary art. The imaginative daring of her paint handling and imaginative vigour of her rich palette surely reflects a mid-europian sensibility and heightened appreciation for the soulful retrospection of Expressionist tradition.


“When I first saw Bozena Pollock’s work, there was no doubt in my mind that we needed to acquire some of theses artworks for the Guernsey Museum’s art collection. We were looking to increase the amount of contemporary art we had in the collection, and Bozena’s work presented us not only with the quality required but also captured the local landscape in a new and exciting way. Her instinctive sense of color, and organic form enables the onlooker to see familiar landscapes through fresh eyes; eyes full of colours and forms that were there all the time, but just needed to be revealed to us.” –  Helen Conlon, former art curator at Guernsey Museum